Farmers Cooperative has a total capacity of 1,899.00 bushels to store grain at three locations and is a member of Equity Marketing Alliance, who specialize in grain marketing. Thru this union, we have a better opportunity to increase our income back to the producer through efficiency and decreased risk. This membership also allows us to use the new terminal at Medford, Chisholm Trail Terminal, to ship directly to export markets.

We do handle a variety of crops, such as Wheat, Rye, Milo, Soybeans, Corn, Canola, Sunflowers, and Sesame. We can contract any of these grains for you or just put an offer out for certain prices.

Please call us if interested in contracting grain at Carmen with John Swart @ 580-

987-2234 or Doug Green @ 580-748- 1806.



Prior to harvest, please remember to sign a Deferred Price Canola Contract, both producer and landlord.  This allows us to immediately market and ship canola as it is received.  The DP Contract wil state the quantity as "Harvest 2017 bushels".  Producers and landlords can price their grain before harvest, at delivery, or after harvest up to September 29, 2017.  All unpriced canola as of September 29, 2017 will be priced on the open Monday, October 2, 2017.  No storage charges will be accessed as long as a Deferred Price contract has been signed before harvest or within 10 days of delivery.  All oil discounts will be applied after results are obtained from Enid Grain Inspection, so we can not purchase a patron's canola until the oil content has been entered into our system.