About Us

Farmers Cooperative traces its roots back through Farmer's Union Cooperative Exchange based in Carmen, and Farmers Cooperative Elevator Association based in Cherokee.  Farmer's Union Cooperative Exchange originally incorporated on April 1, 1927.  Farmers Cooperative Elevator Association originally incorporated March 17, 1934.  The two companies merged August 1, 1990 to form Farmers Cooperative.  Farmers Cooperative currently has grain and retail operations in three towns, Carmen, Aline, and Cherokee, Oklahoma.  We have now purchased Ames and Drummond on January 1, 2019

Farmers Cooperative has three full-service stations with employees that have earned the trust of our valued customers.  At the stations we sell tires, oil, batteries, and accessories, and we repair tires, service vehicles, and do some light mechanic work including brake replacement and other items.  Stop by and see Brent at Main and Second in Carmen or Steve at 305 South Ohio in Cherokee or Patricia in Ames. 

Farmers Cooperative has card-trol 24 hour fueling locations in each of the towns we serve, Carmen, Aline, Cherokee, Ames & Drummond.  In addition to our company credit cards, the fueling sites accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Wright Express credit cards.  On our company issued credit cards, we allow a 2% cash discount if the balance is paid in full by the 10th of the month.

Farmers Cooperative has elevator and agronomy operations in Carmen, Aline, Cherokee, Ames, & Drummond.  At Aline,Cherokee, Ames, & Drummond we have dry bulk, and liquid fertilizer and make fertilizer and chemical applications to agricultural land.  At Carmen, Ames, & Drummond we have Anhydrous Ammonia.  We also sell fencing supplies including posts, wire, gates, feeders, and tanks at the Aline,Cherokee, Ames, & Drummond locations.  For all of your crop production needs or fence materials, see Shane at the Cherokee location, Brandon at the Aline location, Alan at Carmen location, EJ at Ames location, or Nicki at the Drummond location.  

Farmers Cooperative sells feed at each of the elevator locations.  Feed for cattle, chickens, horses, dogs, and cats are handled at each location.  Also stocked at some locations at various times are feed for goats, pigs, and rabbits.  Bulk feed deliveries can be ordered for shipment directly to your location through us from Cargill, A&M Feeds, or LNC feeds. 

Farmers Cooperative has paid back a total patronage of $4,750,510 in 10 years.  They have paid back $1,467,116 in cash and $1,643,460 in Estates and Stock Credits in 10 years for a total cash of $3,110,576.

 Farmers Cooperative was first Incorporated April 1, 1927 and has been serving member-owners in the Alfalfa County, Oklahoma area since that time.  The oldest financial statements found are from 1936.  Sales that year included Wheat $128,621, Corn $9,982, Oats $4,658, Kaffir $4,847, Barley $1,574, Coal $5,454, and warehouse items $9,192 for total sales in 1936 of $164,328. 

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