Alan's Ag Update


Alot of the wheat is in the ground and coming up good.  We need to keep a look out for armyworms.  If you see a small spot going away, you should look hard at what's going on.  We have sprayed some in the Aline area.  Just give a call and I can take a look.

We will start looking at the clearfield wheat for spraying at the end of October or first of November.

It has been a great fall so far.  If you need anything, just call me.  Alan Nusser



Almost August, it's not to late for soil samples.  The ones i have pulled are coming back about like they should, 65 to 85 pounds needed on the nitrogen, 20 to 80 pounds on the phosphorus.  This is for a 50 bu. wheat crop.  You need to be checking your seed wheat germination to make sure you don't have any surprises.  Please check with us about fertilizer prices, we are ready to go for you.  We can still get lime on a week or two basis.  Thank you for all your grain you brought us.  Call me at 580-541-8057 if needing anything.



The green is gone out of the wheat and the elevators are ready to take your wheat and canola.  Most of the alfalfa is cut and in bales, lot of tons, not as good quality, as we would have liked.  a lot of milo and soybeans are planted and coming up.  You need to be planting your sorghum sudan for the cows.  Let me know about soil sample needs, i will be starting them right after harvesting.  We are still spraying pasture and burn downs, let me know what your needs are.

Have a safe harvest. Thank You.  Alan Nusser