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This team played their first ever game at what was then known as Weeghman Park on this day in 1916?


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 Farmers Cooperative held their Annual Meeting on March 26th, and paid back $529,256 in patronage, with $158,777 being cash to members, of which grain being 12 cents/bushel in return and fertilizer being $18/ton return.  We also paid out through the year $1.1 million back to the community with $438,825 in equity retirements, and $661,000 in rebuilding assets to better serve you.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE.
We are handling several types of corn, milo, and soybean seed to plant this spring. Contact Doug Green, Alan Nusser, or John Swart for prices.  WE WILL HANDLE SESAME SEED FOR PLANTING.    FSA report moved to today's news.  USDA on market news.
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Trivia Answer


the Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field)



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